Golf, Sausage, Margaritas and a Proper Saturday

Today has been a genuinely good Saturday; if I can make ever Saturday of the remainder of my law school career turn out as well as today has, I will certainly be quite pleased with the way I'm doing things. I started out the day by sleeping in, which is always a good start for a weekend day. After waking up, getting some cereal and watching TV for a while, I went out to play golf with my housemate Paul. Golf because I just bought myself a set of clubs figuring that any good lawyer ought to learn how to play golf and Paul knows a guy that can get him free rounds on a local golf course. So my afternoon was spent playing my first game of full golf in my life (it's been driving ranges, pitch & putt, mini-golf and hitting balls into the woods up 'til now) and although I'm not very good yet, I have to say that golf is a pretty fantastic game (or sport, depending on how you feel about it). On the way back from the gold course we stopped by the grocery store, grabbed a bunch of sausages and various other things. Once we got back to the house, we fired up the grill and made some margaritas. Two margaritas and four sausages (of which the cheddarwurst definitely took top honors) later, each, we played a few games of pool and now I'm joining the rest of the house in watching some television. Really though, between golf, sausages and margaritas, you would be hard pressed to construct a better Saturday, in my opinion.