Law School: Not So Bad

Noticing my earlier discussion of how apprehensive I was about starting law school, I thought that I should weigh in and let you know that school turns out to be really not so bad. The Socratic method is not terrifying and if you know what's going on the professors tend to acknowledge that and move on to someone else that isn't quite so quick. It can be a little annoying sometimes when a professor continues talking to three or four students through an entire class and you can't get a comment in but it's interesting to see other people's views/understandings/opinions get confused and drawn into question. As not bad as the classes and the content turn out to be, the workload is decidedly not so pleasant; I'm getting ~50-100 pages of reading a night and these law texts are not the clearest or easiest things to read. The materials is interesting but the sheers quantity of content that is being shoved into my brain left me mostly burned out by the end of this week. Of course, a game of golf and such has pretty well cleared my burned-outtedness, so I should be set to get tomorrow's work done. So yeah, law school really isn't that bad.