WFTDA (aka. Roller Girls)

In continuing to do fantastic things on Saturdays, last night I went to see the Minnesota RollerGirls v. Tampa Tantrums roller derby. Prior to yesterday, I had never heard of roller derbies but after last night, I'm a complete convert. The sport works a bit like this: a bunch of girls on rollerskates (the four-wheeled kind) skate around a track and each team has one scoring girl (called the jammer) who gets a point for every time she laps someone. The rest of the team tries to help their jammer get around and prevent the opposing jammer from passing; now, when I say "tries to help", I mean by blocking, checking and generally abusing the other team. If you want a complete description of how things work check out the WFTDA home page but, basically, it's girls on rollerskates beating the crap out of each other. Seriously, roller derbies are the best spectator sport ever created.

The sport is getting pretty popular in the US and there are teams all over the country so those of you out there that know what's good for you will go watch your local team compete. Apparently the #1 ranked team in the US is the Austin Texecutioners so, Riad, it really behooves you to go see a match.


As I mentioned in our conversation, my nutty ex-labmate Justine's sister is on a roller derby team in Chicago. Specifically, I think she's in the Windy City Rollers league,