All Saints be praised, I'm going blind

Joy of wondrous joys, my vision has decided to pack its bags and take off for an indefinite vacation. It turns out that I have inherited my mother's astigmatism as well as having suffered general temporally based degradation of my eyes. Sadly, the days when my left eye was 20/8 and my right eye was 20/12 are gone to be replaced with astigmatism and 20/30 in my left eye and 20/60 in my right eye. On the positive side, I guess, my left eye is still sufficient to have passed a Minnesota driving test and the fantastic blueness of my eyes hasn't gone anywhere at all. Hopefully glasses will make me look sophisticated, sexy or something else described with a positive adjective.

P.S. Getting old and falling apart sucks.

P.P.S. Isn't 23 too early to start feeling old?


So apparently there's also this thing called presbyopia, which is a hardening of the lenses with time, so that your near point and far point become closer together. Everybody gets it and it sets on at a linear rate with age. Anyone who doesn't have glasses by age 50 is a magician.

P.S. Contacts are an option too. And yes, your blue eyes are sexy.