Not Yo Momma's Climate

I guess, in a sense though, this is my Momma's climate but that's not really the point. Today, October 11th, marks the first time that we've received snow here in Minneapolis. As I sit here waiting for the feeling to return to my ears, I wanted to let all of you out there in warmer climes know what you're missing.


It snowed in Canadia too.

It's getting cold here too but I can still feel my ears. Also I have a fireplace in my bedroom and a huge supply of wood. Highly recommended. Somehow burning things has not lost its cathartic effect. Don't let the laws eat your brain, also take a swig of scotch for me, I haven't had anything except a few cans of tecate for a month and it looks like it will be some time yet before I get to live the rich life again. Mmm scotch.

No snow in Montana yet. It's gotten down to the 20s, though. I imagine our latitudes are nearly equivalent; yet I have big, strong mountains to protect me from the winter winds. Hail!