The Caffeine Nap

A long while ago, I read about the concept of a caffeine nap and then promptly didn't give it another thought. Today, however, I revisited the topic inadvertently. Finding myself rather tired from last night's minimal quantity of sleep, I was waiting from about 1:30 for my 2:30 class and falling asleep. I had, in my possession, a mostly full bottle of Vault Zero, and by 2:00 my ability to keep my eyes open had approached nil. Thinking that I might as well try to take a 15-20 minute power nap, I vaguely recalled what I had read long ago and decided that I might as well pound the remainder of my beverage before my nap. Surprisingly, I found the caffeine nap to be dramatically more effective than any other 15-20 minute nap that I've ever taken. I may just have to consider the option of caffeine naps more seriously in the future.