Let's Talk Extensions, Redux

I'm still (surprise, surprise) using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser and I continue to recommend it as the finest browser that I am aware of. A bit over a year ago, I suggested a bunch of extensions for use with Firefox; today I do the same. In the intervening time, many new versions of Firefox have come and gone and my needs in extensions have changed. Here's an updated list:

  • BetterSearch - provides thumbnails in google search results; sometimes it's the little things
  • Bookmark Sync and Sort - allows the synchronization of bookmarks from multiple computers through an ftp or WebDAV http/https store; essential for anyone with more than one computer
  • BugMeNot - bypasses many website registrations; I really hate those compulsory registrations
  • ChatZilla - IRC client; sometimes you just need an IRC client
  • Colorful Tabs - colorizes my tabs; another one of those little things that sometimes it's
  • Download Statusbar - moves download status from the download manager to the bottom of your browser window; the download manager annoys me
  • DownThemAll! - download all files from a page; sometimes you just need all the files
  • ErrorZilla Mod - replaces the failed to load page with a more useful one; yeah, more useful
  • Execute JS - execute arbitrary javascript or inject it into pages; sometimes you just need a little more javascript
  • Fasterfox - speeds up and optimizes page loading; faster is better after all
  • Firesomething - rebrands Firefox wrong; Mozilla Taconarwhal never gets old
  • Fission - puts a loading bar in the address bar; yeah, another one of those little things
  • Greasemonkey - allows for the use of custom user scripts (many of which are freely available); so much customization, so great
    • (script) Amazon DRM Notifier - lets you know if a CD on Amazon is infected with DRM; I hate crippleware and want nothing to do with it
    • (script) facebook aim status icon - tells you if a person in facebook is currently online with AIM; marginally useful information but I am a fan of information overload
    • (script) Facebook Flyer Remover - gets rid of ads in Facebook; yeah, I still hate ads
    • (script) Facebook StalkrNET - relabels every instance of the name Facebook to StalkrNET; everyone uses it for stalking, why not call it like it is
    • (script) Westlaw Title - puts the title of a found article in the title bar when using Westlaw; makes my law school research slightly easier
    • (script) Westlaw Window - prevents Westlaw from creating a whole bunch of unneeded windows; makes my law school research less annoying
  • Hit-a-Hint - press H or hold Spacebar and all links on the page get a number, type the number to select the link; sometimes the mouse just slows you down
  • Html Validator - puts an icon showing whether a page is valid HTML in the status bar; I'm a stickler for valid HTML and I like to know when a page passes or why it's failing to validate
  • Link Alert - tells me what sort of thing a link is linking to; these kinds of things can be good to know something
  • NoScript - disables javascript and flash by default, allows whitelists; gets rid of so many ads and so much annoyance
  • ShowIP - shows the IP address for and provides information about a page in the status bar; marginally useful information but I kind of like it
  • Tab Mix Plus - improves tab functionality substantially; seriously, Tab Mix Plus makes tabs so much better


Thanks, I've downloaded quite a few of these now. I was previously unaware of such multitudes.