ok, NIN, you're not so bad

For quite a long time, I've been of the rather firm negative opinion that Nine Inch Nails (NIN) was a semi-decent industrial-rock group that was substantially inferior to KMFDM and others of the genre. However, I was in a bit of a crummy mood earlier this eve—a situation that I often respond to by listening to angry metal or industrial music—and all the other bands that I tried weren't quite fitting my mood, so I decided to try putting some NIN on the good ol' Winamp. It turned out the be the case that NIN was precisely the music that I needed to fit the mood that I was in and, I can now say, I am willing to accept NIN as a perfectly valid and viable industrial-rock option in and of itself. NIN has carved out it's own niche within my musical desires and tastes; it has, so to speak, gained a place in my musical pantheon alongside its contemporaries, the likes of KMFDM, PIG and Skinny Puppy.


: D