The Magical Anniversary

Today marks the third anniversary of this blog's inception. Fancy that, I've been spewing crap onto the internet for three whole years; go me! I don't know that I'm contributing more to the internet than this-one-quirky-guy-who's-done-some-stuff's opinion but I was never promising much more than that and I like to think that the this-one-quirky-guy-who's-done-some stuff is a lot interesting than many of those people that have converted myspace and livejournal into festering hives of angst. Heck, without this blog we wouldn't have ever seen the likes of my solution for stuck LCD pixels or my answer to the chicken and egg debate (my records show that you people really dig these things). Anyway, happy third anniversary my blog and thanks to all my readers for, well, reading.

Oh, and it's the magical anniversary because three is the magical number. I mean, surely you've read fairy tales. Right? Anyway, magical or whatever, three is my favorite number so it's still special.