For the longest time, I really did not like coconut; mostly I couldn't stand the shredded coconut that they put on candy bars, cakes and the like. Then, just recently, I happened to be watching Man vs. Wild, which is a fantastic show, and Bear Grylls was harking on about the awesomeness of coconuts, having harvested one for food and water. Having Bear Grylls speak so positively of coconuts caused me to desire one greatly and, in spite of my previous dislike thereof, I went to Rainbow--my local grocer--and bought a coconut for myself.

Much like lobsters, another thing that I used to hate but have come to love, coconuts have a hard shell that is fantastically fun to crack open. As with lobster, I have always like cracking coconuts open and have recently come to a changed taste opinion. I now find coconuts to be mighty tasty. On top of their mighty tastiness, coconuts are really quite good for you, serving as a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. To throw an interesting fact into the fray, coconut water is an isotonic liquid that can be used as an intravenous fluid. Basically, coconuts are awesome and I was a fool for not believing as such earlier.