Land of the Blind

I recently came across a trailer for the movie Land of the Blind at the beginning of some DVD or other. Strangely, prior to the trailer, I hadn't heard hide nor hair of Land of the Blind. Anyway, working on the premise that the preview seemed mighty neat, I set about finding an opportunity to watch it. Having now watched this film, I have to say that I can't understand why it didn't show up on the radar. Land of the Blind flew so low that there are only 17 reviews of it aggregated on Rotten Tomatoes (as opposed to the more common 200ish).

Anyway, Land of the Blind follows a political revolution in a totalitarian state, from the standpoint of a military underling that befriends the head of the revolution. The movie starts out kind of normal and political but then descends into bizarre and political before finally descending into crazy and confusing. Basically, I feel Land of the Blind has been done a terrible injustice and in order to rectify the matter I am recommending it to you folks. If you're my friend, you'll probably like it (Sherv, Riad, it's right up your alleys).


This sounds totally awesome. Anything that is described as a mixture of Paul Verhoeven and Terry Gilliam *has* to be excellent.