A Bit Withdrawn

I have just tendered my withdrawal from law school. The short of why is that it is just not me; the long of why is long and I might get into it later, or I might not. I will be moving back to Massachusetts in short order and, from there, I will figure out what next for my life.

Whilst, on one hand, coming to law school was a mistake, on the other, it has provided me with interesting experiences and a deeper understanding of my personal tastes. I have also made good friends here that I hope not to lose contact with simply because I am leaving the geographical area. I will greatly miss the people that I am leaving behind but I will not miss attending law school or paying for law school. Perhaps it is best for me to say that going to law school was a mistake, but a mistake that I do not regret making.


Best of luck with everything, George...Hopefully we can meet up with you once you get back to Massachusetts...

Such is life. One door shuts on your toe (ow!) and another door opens... on your toe (ow?)

Yeah, I'll probably be back in Massachusetts by the end of this week; we'll have to chill.

Better to dip out now if you know for sure it's not for you and not take on those extra loans. You can cross law school off your list and move forward with confidence!