I ate a live duckling

As I've noted a few times before, when I remember my dreams, they tend to be quite vivid, if not lucid. My dream of Saturday night was no different and it was odd enough that I still recall it and want to mention it.


I found myself sitting in an eatery of sorts, enjoying breakfast, an omelet if I recall correctly. Part way through my meal, I noticed a fluffy thing in my mouth, pulled it out and figured it must have been a hair. After finishing my meal, my waitress came over apologizing profusely about something. Normally, a waitress apologizing as emphatically as she was without specifying why would probably frighten me but I wasn't very perturbed this time around. After calmly inquiring into what the problem was, I was informed that a whole live duckling had accidentally made its way into my food. The waitress continued apologizing and asked what she could do to make it up to me. I still wasn't terribly perturbed by the affair so I said that I'd take the cost of my meal as recompense and be done with the matter. It took a little bit of convincing the waitress that I really didn't mind very much and the cost of my meal was sufficient but then I went along my way. Shortly thereafter, I coughed and a whole bunch of soft, underdeveloped, duckling feathers came out. Some nearby children laughed at me but I shrugged it off. Then, I coughed again and out popped a whole live duckling. Now, let me tell you, coughing up a live duckling is a very bizarre experience.



Man. I've mostly been having very hazy dreams involving my dead grandparents appearing at family meals and my insistence that 1) they're abominations and that 2) we have to figure out how to send them back to the grave. Nothing I can remember clearly, though, and certainly nothing as excellent and postworthy as this.

That's kinda scary!