Let's Talk Voltron

Ok, Internet, I know we've been doing a poor job staying in touch with each other lately and I don't really feel like pointing fingers, so let's put that behind us. After all, right now, I have something important that I want to talk about: Voltron. In my random being up late, eating a snack and watching some television, I happened to partake in a rerun of Voltron on Adult Swim. This rerun led me to a couple of realizations, which I would like to share with you. Realization 1: the Power Rangers were the biggest ripoff of Voltron anyone could have possibly perpetrated; seriously, Power Rangers would have been more aptly titled Voltron: The Live Action Series. Realization 2: Voltron was a terrible show; don't get me wrong, The Transformers was only 90% as glorious rewatching it in my 20s as it was before I was 10 but Voltron, rewatched in my 20s, is terrible. Internet, if you have fond memories of Voltron, please, take my advice don't ever watch it again; let your fond memories remain unclouded for the product itself will fail to deliver.