Ambrosia between two slices of bread


Coming home after an evening of light revelry, I found myself a might bit peckish. Finding myself in such a situation and feeling it best to resolve matters before I set sail for the shadowy realm known to us as sleep, I set about making myself a sandwich. Having availed myself of the bounty to be found at the most local supermarket earlier in this day, I found a number of wondrous substances at the ready. Beginning with two slices of German Dark Wheat bread, I set myself upon the first ingredient that caught my attention: chunky peanut butter. The peanut butter added to the mix, I found myself at a grand impasse: Nutella or raspberry preserves. Upon realizing that the joy of peanut butter and jam had crossed my pallet more recently than the exquisiteness of peanut butter and Nutella, I selected Nutella to grace the slice of bread opposite my chunky peanut butter. Moments before I brought the Nutella coated bread and the chunky peanut butter coated bread together, a fantastic idea struck me.Coming to me in a flash was the notion that I could pour a bit of honey down upon the bread before sealing the sandwich. This stroke of inspired genius led to the construction of my first chunky peanut butter, Nutella and honey on dark wheat sandwich ever. As sandwiches go, this one has few parallels or competitors.

Truly, I must have a muse hanging over my shoulders. Only a muse of truly divine merit could inspire me to devise such an ambrosial delight.