Like a block of sex

Rogue Smokey Blue cheese is like a block of sex. I recently found myself in the cheese section of one of our fancier local grocers and found myself buying cheese, as often happens to me in such situations. One of the cheeses that I bought was Rogue Smokey Blue, which I chose because I wanted a blue cheese and there was a sign claiming that this particular one had won some award. Upon returning to my place of residence and trying the various cheeses that I had obtained, I discovered that I had chosen a real gem. So, if you're looking for a good blue cheese, I highly recommend the Rogue Smokey Blue.


If you're going to bring up "it's like sex", you have to describe WHY! It's like a rule of writing. Did the slightly foreign flavors on your tongue make you shiver? Did you warm it up between your palms before cooling it down with an ice cube? What about it makes you think it's like sex? Did it simply make you happy? That'd be enough.

I'm just sayin don't be a tease. I had to leave my nice google feed to see the rest of your post, and now I've got literary blue balls.

Well, then allow me to clarify a little.

From the point when I was aware that I would soon be consuming tasty blue cheese, I was cheered up and in a state of anticipation. As the anticipation gave way to actually consuming the blue cheese, I experienced a blissful explosion of joy that lived up to and surpassed my anticipation.

I guess that kind of makes blue cheese like a block of sex and makes Rogue Smokey Blue like really good sex.

HAAHAA! Now that was worth it.

Will check the pickup artist book you mentioned out. Curious.