Players, Game and my Disappointment with Humanity

I have just finished reading The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neill Strauss and I can safely say that it was an enlightening read. I would like to highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone, women especially. Although the book is, ostensibly, an autobiographic narrative about one man's journey into the society of male pickup artists, it says an awful lot about human nature, interactions and frailties.

I found the book enlightening because it has opened up my perception to a new way of looking at social interactions and manipulations. Sadly, since being so enlightened, I have seen quite a few examples of how pathetically weak-willed and easily manipulated people can be. The Game also has a fair amount of commentary on the robot nature of many people's social interactions. Having recently seen some strong examples of people giving in to their robotic reactions, I find myself very disappointed in some people specifically and humanity in general. It will likely take me a bit of time to re-equilibrate my perceptions and morality but until that happens, I'm going to stick with a general sense of disappointment for a while.