Sailing Days

The past few days here in Woods Hole have been stunningly beautiful; if the past few days had been women, they would have easily been 10s. Of course, having boats in the water and beautiful days means that I had no choice but to go sailing. Sunday, I took out my dad's old sailfish, a wondrous little craft that's hardly more than an over glorified windsurfer. I ended up toodling around in Little Harbor for about an hour, having a wonderful time. Monday, it was a bit windier and I ended up taking the sailfish and venturing a little way out of Little Harbor. On my way back into Little Harbor, I was sailing on a broad reach and I started picking up an immense amount of speed. As I started to really get going, I was made aware of something that I had forgotten about sailfish, sailfish can plane. The front half of the sailfish was completely out of the water and I was going mighty fast. Sadly, I brought my GPS with me on Sunday but not on Monday so all I can say is that I was going substantially faster on Monday than the 6.3 knots that I measured on Sunday.

Yesterday (Tuesday), is when the big guns came out and the real fun began. Yesterday was Synchronicity, my catamaran's, first sail of the season. It was a nice, warmish day with moderate wind so Dave and I took Synchronicity out after work. We three quickly made our way out of Great Harbor and off into Vineyard Sound. As we passed Nobska Point and headed out into Vineyard Sound proper, the wind picked up a bit and we started tearing through the water. Having been cooped up all winter and having so much wind to play with, Synchronicity was more than a bit antsy so Dave and I, feeling bold, decided to let her have a bit of fun. Synchronicity was in the mood to take flight and, for the first time, we were kind enough to oblige her. The sensation of being on a catamaran as the hull beneath you lifts out of the water is very similar to the sensation you experience in an airplane the moment it lifts off the ground during take off. Investigating my GPS after the fact, we found that we had hit a maximum speed of 14.9 knots, which I find to be admirable for Synchronicity's first voyage of the summer.

From this point forward, I'm intending to go sailing after work every day that the weather is sufficient, excepting those days when there's an MBL softball game. Simply put, I just love sailing; it's one of my favorite things in the world and now I get to do a whole bunch of sailing again.


Alan and I just yesterday went sailing for the second time this season, and someone was awful enough to steal $100 from his wallet while we were out :( Wind speeds were 18-20 though, so it was a good sail.