A Discontinuous Fear

As I have progressed through my life I have become aware of various phobias that exist in my psyche. Most of my phobias are perfectly reasonable and I've managed to trace some of them back to childhood traumas that likely seeded them. However, some of my phobias are unreasonable and totally insane; for example, I have come to notice that I have a fairly strong fear of temporal discontinuities. What I mean by temporal discontinuities is unnoticed jumps far forward in time, kind of like in the movie Flight of the Navigator. I don't know where the fear derives from and it's so thoroughly implausible an occurrence that giving it even a hint of credence is silly but it's still something that I fear.

Seriously though, I really hope that I never come back from a walk, drive or sail to find my friends and family had long since given me up for lost and that I must adjust to a world that has changed greatly during my lost time.