Martians Ate My Parents? (or something like that)

Ok, blogosphere, or whatever you interwebzorworkpeople want to call yourselves, this is a plea for help. I try not to depend on other people for much but this is truly important to me and if you can help me, I will be gracious towards you in quantities hard to express.

There was a movie that I saw on television when I was young (somewhere between 6 and 13 (so 1989-1996 probably)) that involved some kid waking up in his bed, seeing a weird glowing over the hill behind his house and then getting abducted by aliens that wanted to do terrible things to him. Eventually, this kid escapes from the aliens and returns to his home and finds comfort with his family. Unfortunately, it turns out that the kid's family have already been taken over by the aliens and turned into aliens themselves and another adventure ensues. The kid, returns again to his home and manages to destroy the aliens, which I think resolves the matter but might not. I admit that I remember very little of the movie but I know that, if I were to see it again, I would instantly recognize it. So, if any of you have any idea what I might be talking about, please let me know and I will investigate the leads.

Really, the key bits are the kid waking up from sleeping to see some weird glowing behind the hill in his back yard, going to investigate, finding aliens trying to eat him, escaping, returning home, finding his parents are aliens in disguise, repeating the whole escaping part and then being left unsure as to whether his parents are real or not. Seriously, this movie is something that I remember with a combination of intense curiosity and traumatic peculiarity, which I would like to track down for my personal edification. I think the title was something like Martians ate my Parents or Martians ate my Family but I am not certain.

Please, tracking down this movie will either serve to resolve some weird issues that I have holed up in my psyche or, at the least, it will enable me to source some weird memories that I can't seem to rid myself of.


Maybe Invanders from Mars (1986). Clip here. It's hard to find much info on this because it's apparently terrible and is a remake of a 50s film with the same time.

err, "same title".

Jim, you are a godsend; that is exactly the movie that I was thinking of. Now it's time to see if I can find a copy somewhere and find it to be a lame and totally unrevealing experience.

Speaking of strange, violent, but awesome conspiracy movies, I thought I should inform you that I just saw Hot Fuzz.