The not so Wild West

Bison Skull Pile

I'm moving out to the not-so-wild-anymore American West. In a plan that's gone from non-existent to fairly well developed in the past couple months, I'll be leaving Massachusetts in early September to drive west. I'll be sharing the road trip with my good friend Max and we're planning to head across the northern part of the US. We'll be passing through Minneapolis, Yellowstone, Glacier, Seattle, and some other spots, hopefully visiting folks along the way. Ultimately, I'll be ending up in the Bay Area sometime in mid to late September where I plan to stay for the indefinite future.

To all of you already out there, I'll see you soon and look forward to hanging out again. to those of you still here in the East, I'm sorry to be leaving again and I'll miss you. To those of you along the way, get ready for George to come through town.


I'm getting ready!

When you see Glacier, you won't want to leave. Depending on the timing, I may also come out to meet you in Yellowstone; keep me up to speed.

George! Then it'll be Sherv, me, Hippo, and you! At least before I move back to Oregon.

Nice. Too bad you're not arriving earlier - we could have found a place if you were here late August.

Once-and-future rheumy!

Watch out for the Minnesota-ish area, lest it eat your car again. Will miss you :(

^ ^ ^ Oops sorry that post was from me :) I mean >:(!