Beautiful Driving

Yesterday, Max and I drove through Wyoming and it was the most fun and beautiful drive that I have ever had the pleasure of taking. The drive between Sheridan, WY and Cody, WY involved a bunch of sharp switchbacks up into the Big Horn mountains. The switchbacks were a ton of fun and the views were gorgeous; I highly recommend the drive to everyone, especially if you have a sporty car.

High up in the Big Horns, we met the jerky man. The jerky man was partially crippled, using a walker to get around and selling buffalo and elk jerky out of the back of his camper trailer. The jerky man gave us samples of his wares and we subsequently bought some very tasty jerky. The jerky man also gave us suggestions as the the most fun route to take to get to Cody, which is to stay on US-14 all the way. There were nice switchbacks back down the mountains and some very long straights where we could drive well above the speed limit for long distances.

From Cody, WY into Yellowstone was a short but pleasant drive. Once we got into Yellowstone, everything became amazing and gorgeous, even more so than the Badlands. Yellowstone was chock full of fun, from mud volcanoes and hot springs to bison walking across the street in front of me. At the center of Yellowstone is Lake Yellowstone, which is so large as to seem an inland sea. Whilst Lake Yellowstone is not as large as some of the great lakes, it is at an elevation of 7,732 feet, which is to say very high up. Yellowstone, as keen as it is, is another sight that I recommend to everyone.

In summation, driving through Wyoming is awesome, everyone should give it a try. Now we're going to hang out with Graham in Montana for a while.