Live from Wyoming

Today, I saw the truly wondrous Badlands of South Dakota, a sight that I recommend to those that have not seen them. The Badlands are gorgeous and Max should be putting up photos after we get to San Francisco. As for right now, we're in a motel room in Gillette, Wyoming, availing ourselves of free wireless and getting ready to go to sleep.

As some of you may have gathered, we set out from Concord, MA on Monday morning (about 11am). From Concord, we drove west through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. At 11pm, we were about 2 hours shy of Chicago so we decided to keep going in the hope that we could pass Chicago late at night instead of hitting traffic in the morning. Passing through Chicago worked well but then we made the foolish choice of trying to get all the way to Minneapolis in one go. Passing through Illinois, Wisconsin and into Minnesota, we managed to make Minneapolis at about 9am Tuesday, without having slept. Sleeping through much of Tuesday afternoon, we were ok by the evening, went to sleep early and were fine for Wednesday. Some friends and some family were seen during my time in Minneapolis but many could not be accommodated due to the briefness of the stay. My apologies to those that I did not see; hopefully, there will be another chance. We left, Minneapolis at about 9-10am today and made the Badlands by about 5:30-6pm, which gave us just enough time before sunset to enjoy the beauty of the Badlands, but now I'm repeating myself.

Tomorrow we drive to Yellowstone National Park and then on to Missoula, MT to visit Graham for a bit.