Déjà Senti

I have at many times in my life had brief, déjà vu like experiences. A recent, particularly strong one inspired me to read up on the phenomenon a bit and mention the occurrences. In reading through wikipedia, I came across the sub-categories of déjà vu and was struck by how much déjà senti, or 'already felt,' sounds like the phenomenon that I experience. The sensation can be described as an uncanny sense of exactly repeating a psychological or emotional state, almost as if someone had recorded my mental state at a time in the past and suddenly loaded it back into my mind. When this happens there is no intermediary reminiscence that reminds me of a previous state, just a sudden shift to the old state. Usually, the phenomenon is very short lived with an equally abrupt shift back leaving me with a strong sense of, "woah, what just happened in my mind?!" It's a very curious and rather pleasant experience, but I find myself wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or has them recurrently, as I do.

Sometimes I am able, after the fact, to recall an instance in which I was in the mental state that I shifted to and identify a similarity to the present, which may be a candidate trigger stimulus. For example, the phenomena appear to have occurred in response to music on a quite a few occasions, where a particular song jumps me into a state that I was in during a particular previous time that I listened to that song. These music induced jumps seem to occur more often with some songs than others but are, by no means, predictable or repeatable. If such a jump occurs with a given song, it is always to the same state for a given song, which can occasionally demand pressing fast forward. The times when I am able to identify the trigger and original recorded state are the minority; sometimes I get one or the other and sometimes I get neither. Regardless of how much I am able to consciously remember, there is always a strong sense of recollection, hence déjà senti.

When I first started to become aware of these déjà senti occurrences, I figured them for some sort of synesthesia, figuring that I had some sort of music→emotional cross. This theory gained some ground after a discussion on the topic of synesthesia with my cousin, who has perfect pitch; sound→color synesthesia and perfect-pitch are thought to have possible connections and genetic trends. However, as I started paying more attention, I came to realize that the phenomena are not isolated to auditory stimulus and sometimes seem to occur without any sensory stimulus at all. Subsequently, I started considering the phenomenon to be a form of déjà vu. Déjà vu being where I left my thinking until the particularly strong and thoroughly inexplicable occurrence that led to déjà senti and this post. It feels to me as though my brain may be doing a similar thing in the case of déjà senti as in the case of leaps of intuition where I am able to feel the answer to a problem long before I can reason through the problem. Perhaps the brain is capable of processing information at a far faster rate than consciousness can follow and sometimes the brain doesn't want to wait for consciousness to catch up. Maybe I just need to start giving my brain partial credit until it learns how to show its work. Of course, the impatient brain theory doesn't explain why some of my endpoints are complete psychological/emotional states.


I've had many "leaps of intuition" moments when playing the "define words, feed people" game here:


When I come to a word I don't know (which happens often), I find myself choosing the correct definition in a split second. Sometimes I will later recognize a familiar root in the word, which led me to the correct definition, but oftentimes this happens so quickly that I don't remember even glancing at the other choices.

For a long time I've had a sense of separation between Waking Me and My Brain, and I am often amazed at what My Brain can do (seemingly without the Waking Me's input or help).