SantaCon and associated Santarchy

This past Saturday, I attended what is probably the finest event that I have ever had the pleasure of attending, even topping drunken cowboy faires. This past Saturday was San Francisco's SantaCon (aka. Santarchy), which after having heard good tales from Zoz years back and being reminded by a coworker a couple weeks ago, I managed to track down (also available in many other cities).

The basic idea of SantaCon is simple, get dressed up as Santa or something similarly Chrishanukkwanzaastice themed, meet up with a a few similarly dressed up folks and proceed to have a merry time. There are, some nuanced details that make it all the more entertaining, for example, it's more like a few hundred other people, you're gallivanting around an unsuspecting city and you're all consuming copious quantities of alcohol. By my best estimates, there were somewhere between 800 and 1500 Santas & co. that eventually became split between San Francisco and the East Bay. I ended up with the East Bay contingent, quite successfully running amok about Jack London Square and, subsequently, other parts of downtown Oakland. There is really no way that I can properly describe the scene that is half a thousand rampaging Santas; it is both one of the greatest things that I have ever seen and one of the greatest things that I have ever been a part of.

It is my absolute intention to attend SantaCons wherever I may happen to be when they happen in the future and I absolutely recommend that the rest of you do the same. Heck, all the cool kids are doing it.