2007 turns to 2008

If, one year ago, you had told me that I would be living in San Francisco, with business cards that say I'm a scientist, in a year's time, I would not have believed you. So much has changed--for the better, I think--in the last year, there is no way that I could have seen it coming. In the past year, I have abandoned law school, which I am very happy about; I have moved back to Massachusetts and then away to California, without plans to move back this time; I have started working a, so called, "real" job; I have become financially independent; and, for the first time, I have started to feel like I'm actually an adult, which thoroughly freaks me out sometimes. Actually, seeing as how much changed the year before, I probably shouldn't be too surprised. My life has been pretty tumultuous since I graduated and, honestly, I'd kind of like to give stability a try for a while.

The new year, of course, also means new resolutions and checking on how well old ones turned out. For reference, you might wonder what I resolved last year. Glancing back on the list, which of course I forgot, I can happily report that I have gotten better at faking extroversion, faking an alpha type personality, started eating healthier and played more video games; four for nine isn't bad. Time for some goals for 2008 and, in addition to new ones, I'm going to take a few old ones that still fit:

  • Be more fiscally responsible
  • Be more extroverted
  • Fake an alpha type personality better
  • Exercise
  • Eat healthier
  • Perpetrate some Operation Mindfucks
  • Meet new people

Since these are all things that I'm planning to do anyway, I don't expect it will matter much that I will have forgotten this list in a week.