Zipping about

Since the recent demise of my poor Subaru, I have been effectively without a car. Being without a car isn't such a big deal since I live in the city and can use my longboard for most of my transportation needs but occasionally I have business out in Sunset, down the Peninsula or in the South Bay, which are not the most public transportation accessible locations. Up until now, I've been abiding limited mobility, inconvenient mobility and borrowing my roommates car but no longer. Friday, I signed up for an account with Zipcar. The whole process from applying to accepted took about 20 minutes and then, rather than waiting for it to come in the mail, I wandered to the local Zipcar office, a few blocks away, to pick up my Zipcard. All in all, it was about 30 minutes between applying and being able to borrow cars. Yesterday, rather than borrowing my roommates car to run an errand, I picked up a Zipcar; it was a painless and easy process. Based on my current automotive needs, Zipcar really does seem like the best approach and, based on my experiences thus far, it seems like they've implemented their service correctly.