Beat up on my Birthday

Today marks yet one more year of my survival on this planet; go me! This year, I'm starting the George New Year right: thoroughly beat up. Last night I caught a Ministry and Meshuggah show, which was amazing, and availed myself of the mosh pit. As with other metal/industrial mosh pits that I've encountered, things were very civilized and the intent was definitely one of energy and excitement, not one of violence. It was a good mosh pit, but it was a pretty brutal one too; I am certainly rather thoroughly tenderized and I will be aching for at least a few days. It's been quite some time since I've gotten a chance to be in a proper mosh pit and I'm quite pleased to have gotten the chance again. Now, time to take it a bit easier and let my body recover, also, find some cake, birthday cake that is.


It begs the question - what would a mosh pit of fencers be like?

I don't know but I bet it wouldn't be as cool as a Hammer Party.