Best Friend To Be

I have been inspired by Weebles' recent friend making to stop talking about getting a dog and actually be proactive in getting a dog. To that end, I have been in contact with a somewhat local breeder of Saint Bernards. I have chosen the Saint Bernard as a breed for a number of reasons, basically boiling down to size and temperament. I want a large dog that can serve as a pack dog for all season hiking/camping trips and can pull me around the city on my skateboard. Additionally, I want a dog that will be chill and maintain his cool in situations ranging from alone in the afternoon to a party with hundreds of people. There are plenty of other reasons but that's an overview.

Having, as I mentioned, been in contact with a breeder, I have arranged to obtain one of the pups from the next breeding cycles, which will put a Saint Bernard puppy moving in with me sometime during the first week of August. At some point in the not too distant future, I'll have to start preparing for the puppy but for now I need to come up with a name.

My current front-running name is Heimdallr (after the Norse God) but it's early enough in the process that I'm willing to accept alternative suggestions. Leave suggestions in the comments.