Hell is The Hustle in your Head

Once, long past, Hell was Dinosaurs in my Head, but now there is a far more insidious Hell in my head. The Hell from which I suffer is the popular Van McCoy song known as The Hustle. As you might be guessing at this point, what makes The Hustle a Hell in my head is that I have the song stuck in my head. Sure, you might be saying, The Hustle isn't a particularly great song and having it stuck in your head might be annoying but that alone should not constitute a Hell and you would be right. Unfortunately, my Hell is not that The Hustle is stuck in my head, it's that it has been stuck in my head; by my estimates, The Hustle has been stuck in my head, on and off, for over a year now. I'm sure that I've been mentioning The Hustle being stuck in my head to people for quite some time so there ought to be someone out there that can back me up on this. I can't say that I'm getting used to The Hustle being stuck in my head or that I'm starting to like it but I have been learning to live with it. Really, at this point, it's kind of like Old Kentucky Shark; it's been there. I can't imagine why it got stuck there in the first place or what prevents it from fading like every other song that I've ever had stuck in my head, perhaps it is because I am of the same people as Fry and it is, thusly, the native dance of my people.

Do the Hustle!