Neapolitan Cake

I did make a three-layered (vanilla/strawberry/chocolate) cake but that's not really what I want to talk about; I'm only referencing it in the title and beginning of this post to spite Hippo, who condescendingly suggested I blog about my cake. I'd far rather talk about the party I threw Sunday in honor of my recent birthday.

I can say, without reservation, that this was one of the best birthday parties that I can remember and it was all thanks to the people. The turn out was spectacular, including college friends, high school friends I haven't seen in years, co-worker friends and friends-of-friends (some of whom I had not previously met). The party was set to kick off at 3pm, with snacks, beers and eventual barbecuing but people didn't start showing up until nearly 4pm. For a short while, the turnout seemed like it might be a bit low but then we must have hit the fashionably late turning point and it turned into quite the social gathering, peaking at around 20-25 people. People were still showing up well into the evening and it didn't start to dwindle much until about 10pm or 11pm. I can't quite say that it went off without a hitch as there were certainly some issues but everything went well in the end.

It was a great party, everything that I had hoped, and my thanks go out to everyone who showed up.


why don't you blog about it

I think I will, thank you very much.