Yuri's Night

Last night, I attended the Bay Area Yuri's Night celebration, which was a big celebration of Yuri Gagarin. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space and the celebration was at NASA Ames, with a couple great big hangers full of art, science and/or engineering exhibitions, constant musical performances and some other wonderful stuff. It was an amazing celebration, my favorite parts included, but were certainly not limited to, the Amon Tobin set, the aerobatic show, Spore and, quite frankly, my roommate Gene's dynamic fractal exhibition piece. It was an amazing event, made better by how many people I knew that were present but it was, at the same time, a sad reminder of how under-appreciated NASA is by our country, our government and our people.


So cool!! From looking at the website, it seems that they did a wonderful job of sticking to the theme of the night and exploring the various ways in which it can be addressed.