The video game Gods are pleased

The video game Gods demand much in the forms of financial penance and prayer time but they do much to reward their supplicants. I have just now obtained for myself a copy of GTA4 (I know that I'm slow but I've been traveling for the past week). While I was at the merchant of the damned, GameStop, obtaining the aforementioned game, I happened to notice a sign proclaiming the impending arrival of Ninja Gaiden II (NG2), sequel to what I consider the finest video game yet produced. Seriously, forget Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog, Myst, Quake, everything; Ninja Gaiden (Xbox remake) was where it's at and now it's sequel time. Not only is Ninja Gaiden II coming, but Soul Calibur 4 (SC4), next in the finest fighting game series of all time, comes out in two months. It certainly is a summer of video game sequels but, man oh man, is it going to be a good summer of sequels.

Between GTA4, NG2 and SC4, I will, unquestionably, be devoting rather a fair amount of time to video games over the next few months. It certainly won't help much that my enjoyment and commitment to Rock Band has not abated. I guess that's really a matter of perspective; I am, after all, committing my time to video games because they do provide me with a great deal of enjoyment.

Thank you video game Gods for this bounty, which you are bestowing upon me over the next few months.