Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not that bad. With the crap that George Lucas has been putting out recently, I'm surprised the new Indiana Jones movie was not worse. The increased use of special effects and CG definitely hurt the movie but not as much as that Gungan idiot hurt Star Wars. Ultimately, the goal and ending of the movie were pretty poor but the early and middle parts of the movie were plenty decent as far as Indiana Jones' style is concerned.

Funny that aliens and flying saucers are less reasonable than the hand of God but I think that's just the way my mind says the world of Indiana Jones is supposed to be.


Really? Cuz I thought it was rather suck. Perhaps I just haven't been exposed to enough crappier George Lucas crap.

By the way, did you notice the pervasive and relentless use of backlighting IN EVERY SCENE, even when it was pitch dark? I'm not sure why they thought Indy needed an annoying, white glow, but man, I could barely follow along with the inconceivable plot, I was so busy looking at his highlights.

Yeah, I was being a little easy on it. The better way to have put it would have been to say, "I guess it could have been worse."

God, I seriously hated all the CG. This was probably the first instance of something made worse by the addition of more monkeys.

Well hey, at least now we know how to survive a close-range atomic blast.