Vanilla Milkshakes

I've been drinking a lot of vanilla milkshakes recently. So we're clear, I'm from New England and I'm not talking about frappes. My vanilla milkshake recipe is very simple, very quick to make and very good:

  • glass cold milk
  • couple or few teaspoons sugar
  • tablespoon or so of vanilla extract

Stir ingredients with a spoon. Drink.

One central element of the recipe is that precision is not important; sometimes I completely leave out the sugar. Another thing worth noting is that while real vanilla extract is fairly expensive, artificial vanilla is really cheap, especially if you get it somewhere like CostCo. Do not dismay at using artificial components, vanillin is incredibly easy to synthesize with no loss of flavor. I find it to be an incredibly tasty beverage, in addition to being good for you (it is milk) and easy to make.



That sounds similar to my banana milkshake recipe.

  • 1 cup cold milk
  • 1 banana
  • a handful of ice cubes
  • a dollop of vanilla extract
  • a couple spoonfuls of sugar

Blend in a blender on the frappe setting. Drink.