Everything tastes better deep fried

With two appliances primarily to blame, there's been a lot of great culinary exploration and experimentation going on in my apartment of late. Firstly, I recently purchased a hand cranked meat grinder and; secondly, Jacob, friend of the apartment, having roommates who would not allow a deep fryer, bought a deep fryer for our apartment. The primary result of the meat grinder has been lots of meat loaf, which is tasty, healthy and endlessly reheatable. The results of the deep fryer have, so far, been: buffalo wings, onion rings and deep fried meat loaf, which are all amazingly delicious and terribly bad for us.

We're only at the beginning, though, future plans include: duck burgers, Fosters beer battered kangaroo nuggets, rattlesnake burgers, loaves of every meat you can imagine and deep fried pretty much everything.


Those are some shitty roommates, won't let a man have himself a deep fryer.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I find it timely to remind you of this.

Well, roommate singular, and this works out fine since I only live a block away. Share the wealth, as they say.