Battlestar Finale == ugh luddites, religion

I finally got around to watching the end of Battlestar Galactica (sure took me long enough) and I have to say that I was somewhat displeased, to say the least. Don't get me wrong; the series, as a whole, was quite pleasant and I did enjoy watching the end but, still, somewhat displeased.


Points of contention:

  • Luddism: We had lots of technology and lots of war so let's throw away all of our technology. Seriously? Going one step further; you think that you can actually just throw away all of your knowledge. It'd be zero to super-polymers age in one day. Oh, le sigh.
  • Religion: God this, destiny that, magical know-how the other; ugh, give me a break.
  • Starbuck: What's the deal with her? Just going to write her out with no explanation at all? Talk about sloppy. Talk about cop-out.
  • Prehistory: If that's supposed to be Earth, how do you explain linguistic evolution? Where are the records of ships and technology? What about the super fancy materials? I bet they didn't degrade in the past 150 thousand years.
  • Matrix Architect: Didn't we get the this has happened a bunch of times before idea out of the way in The Matrix Reloaded? It was a so-so idea then and it's even more so now.
  • etc.: Those were the big ones, at least.

Seriously, you guys couldn't come up with a better way to write a conclusion to this thing? I guess mediocre closure is still better than no closure. Thanks for the four/five seasons of pretty great, Battlestar Galactica. Oh well, time to catch up on Lie to Me and Dollhouse, I guess.


Whine, whine, whine.

Also, "Didn’t we get the this has happened a bunch of times before idea out of the way in The Matrix Reloaded?"


Double also: Dollhouse is pretty terrible.

Sorry for the late reply, but I kind of agree with you on most of the points. The second hour of the finale was just not written well. To be fair to them, telling a satisfying ending for every character would have taken two more episodes---but it seems like at some point they just lost the scope of the story, ending it in ungeneralizable (faux) microcosm.

It's okay. It was evident from the end of 4.0 that the writers were overmatched by their story. Then again, I guess that's a good problem to have. In the end, that's why it was only the second best show on TV.

(Lost is the best, probably ever.)