Leg two: ugh, customs

Today, for the first time, my travel was slowed down as a result of not checking baggage. With a two hour shift, it is now 4:00p, and I am eating a so-so ham and cheese with a freely provided Tecate. Having just left Mexico City, I feel as though I almost didn't make it.

So, I debarked my first flight, passed through immigration and proceeded in the direction of "Connecting Flights". Before reaching my gate, I encountered a checkpoint where I was asked how many bags I had checked. Having checked no bags, with the intent of expediting my journey, I said as much and was told to go back through immigration and go to customs. Passing immigration again, I was told to continue as I had the first time. Please realize that my inability to speak or understand Spanish was not to my advantage. Returning to the checkpoint, again, running out of time to catch my flight, I was turned back once more. This time, asking for very precise instructions from the quite competent English speaking head of the checkpoint. It turns out, what I had to do was go through immigration, again, ignore "Connecting Flights", and pass through customs as though Mexico City were my destination. It was then necessary to turn around, pass through a different entrance and find my gate as a domestic flight. With about twenty minutes before departure, I was very pleased to catch my flight.

All is now well and that was a mighty tasty Tecate.