Mexicana Air, a positive review

As I write, I am sitting in seat 20E on a Mexicana Airbus A318 en route from San Francisco to Mexico City. It is 9:30a; I am writing on my Nokia N810 (a device, which I will have to tell you of some other time); I have just consumed a wholly decent omelette; and, I it is my intention to publish this as soon as I next encounter Internet access. The omelette has arrested my attention and is what prompted this post.

Though the omelette fell somewhere between edible and passable, this really is more of a "thought that counts" sort of thing. I have become so accustomed to the nickel-and-diming of bankrupt United States airlines that I was astonished to be offered food: "omelette or enchilada?" It took me two tries to understand through the Mexican accent, but that's probably a failing on my part. Not only is there food but there appears to be free beer, though, it being 9:30a, I opted for milk.

Based on my experience thus far, I'm liking Mexicana and feeling reminiscent of British Airways. If you're reading this, as is, nothing has interfered with my opinion sufficiently to justify revision.