myStress = 0; myEnlightenment += 1;

Today, shortly after spending ten or twenty minutes following a sea turtle and listening to another thirty minutes of the Heretics of Dune audiobook, I found miraculously that my personal stress levels had reached zero. This stress level turns out, as one might suspect, to be wholly pleasant.

I am inclined to suspect that this state is not driven purely by the vacation; the Dune books tend to put me in a particular philosophical/spiritual state. In this case, I blame the combination; that is, I suspect that some trigger was pushed whilst I was in a receptive state.

There exist other aspects to my current state, which extend beyond a lack of stress to a calm clarity. This clarity and calm may well be of greater import to me than the pleasant lack of stress. The question that I find arises for me now is, how can I make myself receptive and intentionally self-trigger; this will, hopefully, serve as a continued avenue of self-inquiry in the future.