A while back, I was introduced by a boingboing video series (1, 2, 3) to the chocolate manufacturer TCHO. Sometime after watching the video series, my friend Josh showed up to one of our poker nights with a block of TCHO chocolate. That, beta bar that Josh brought was fantastic and TCHO has further perfected their recipes in the interim. Having recently discovered that TCHO has opened a retail store at Pier 17 on the Embarcadero, which is quite close to where I work, I decided to pop over and grab some chocolate on my lunch break. I grabbed a TCHO-A-DAY 60-pack and have thus far tried the "Citrus" and "Chocolatey" flavors, which were excellent. This may well be the best chocolate that I have ever had.

If you would like a little bit of truly wonderful decadence in your life, I highly recommend getting yourself some TCHO chocolate. The engineering, quality and flavor to this chocolate is truly top-grade.


City Beer Store sells TCHO.