At the suggestion of my good friend Rodin, I grabbed a copy of the game [PROTOTYPE] (which I am going to refer to as "Prototype" because the brackets and capitalization are annoying to type) for my Xbox 360. Rodin's suggestion was a very good one and so I am passing it on to all of you; Prototype is awesome, you should go get a copy and start playing it.

Discussing the story behind Prototype won't really give you a sense of why you should be playing it so, instead, let me start off by saying that it's a game where you can jump kick helicopters. Let me say that again, you can jump kick helicopters; this includes Apaches, and you can destroy them by so doing. Other things you can do include consuming people for their knowledge and powers, shooting spikes through the ground to destroy entire city blocks, or throwing tanks at mutated monsters. All of this massive destruction and awesomeness takes place within the context of being able to run up the sides of buildings so as to jump and glide from one to the next. Your character is truly superhuman in a ridiculous and completely amoral manner; you will consume civilians just to restore a little bit of health.

The controls are tight, if a little complex, the camera is ok, and the gameplay is as cathartic as video games get. I've sunk, and enjoyed, enough hours of Prototype to say that it's worth the $60 that I paid for it. It doesn't matter what you're playing these days, you should put it down and go get a copy of Prototype; unless you're boring, you'll thank yourself for doing so.