Unsticking Stuck LCD Pixels: A Script

As I just recently suggested I might do, I have made a script for automatically generating color cycling animations of arbitrary sizes and speeds.

The script can be used at: http://blog.gwax.com/files/rgbanim.php

The script accepts the parameters height, width, and delay, so it can also be used in more interesting ways. Feel free to play around (if you crash it, let me know).

Ex.: http://blog.gwax.com/files/rgbanim.php?width=100&height=100&delay=7

Or, better still:

- Width
- Height
- Delay

For the curious amongst you, the relatively simple code follows:

if(isset($_GET['delay']) && is_numeric($_GET['delay']))
    $delay = max((int)$_GET['delay'], 1);
    $delay = 10;if(isset($_GET['width']) && is_numeric($_GET['width']))
    $width = max(min((int)$_GET['width'], 1920), 1);
    $width = 320;if(isset($_GET['height']) && is_numeric($_GET['height']))
    $height = max(min((int)$_GET['height'], 1080), 1);
    $height = 240;$out = new Imagick();
$out->newImage($width, $height, '#FF0000', 'gif');
$out->newImage($width, $height, '#00FF00', 'gif');
$out->newImage($width, $height, '#0000FF', 'gif');
$out->setImageDelay($delay);header('Content-type: image/gif');
echo $out->getImagesBlob();


Now I need to be sufficiently ambitious and find a bunch of monitors, set your script to max height/width on each, and have an RGB rave.

Just make sure that you don't invite any epileptic friends.

Thanks! I just had a stuck red pixel on a recently replaced Thinkpad T400 screen, and was thinking it was permanent.

I tweaked the URL to 1400 by 900, and ran it for a bit, and poof, pixel unstuck!

Bravo to you!

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Thanks Rogan