Unsticking Stuck LCD Pixels (Redux)

My previous article on Unsticking Stuck LCD Pixels having been rather a hit and having been asked for an alternate gif image, I figured I should revisit the topic briefly.

The animated gif images were created with ImageMagick. Having long since forgotten how I did it last time, I reacquainted myself with ImageMagick and have developed this little one liner:

convert -delay 20 -loop 0 -size 100x100 xc:#FF0000 xc:#00FF00 xc:#0000FF rgbanim.gif

This command will generate an animated gif to use in attempting to fix stuck pixels. Key parameters are:

Image size can be changed by changing the size parameter. ex.: -size 640x480

Cycling speed can be varied by changing the delay parameter. ex.: -delay 7

So, if my original images don't serve your purposes, go grab a copy of ImageMagick and make one of your own. (If I feel ambitious, I might hack together a script to auto-generate these gif images)

UPDATE: Apparently, I was sufficiently ambitious.