Barefooting for the win

A couple months ago, I bought a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes, specifically a pair of KSOs. I've been wearing the shoes pretty regularly and, to be entirely honest, they are probably the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. The shoes don't provide support in the way typical shoes do so it takes some getting used to and rebuilding strength in muscles that have been under-utilized since childhood. Once your feet get used to the FiveFingers, it becomes a truly fantastic experience to rediscover walking, jogging, sprinting, and the like.

Additionally, recent research shows that barefoot running is low impact in a way that shod running is not. Apparently, running barefoot changes your gait, which I can anecdotally confirm.

Worth noting, in the negatives column, you cannot wear traditional socks with FiveFingers and they will start to smell if you wear them regularly without socks. FiveFingers shoes are machine washable, which is an option, or one can purchase toe socks from Injini (or others), which is the solution that I've chosen. Sadly, the toe socks solution is somewhat expensive but, for me, I'm sufficiently hooked on my FiveFingers that it's worth it to me.