On some podcasts I like and some I lack

I have recently taken to listening to audio podcasts while at work and I find it to be a good combination of entertaining and informative.

The set of podcasts that I am currently listening to is:

For the most part, I'm quite pleased by the set of podcasts that I listen to and a great many of them are either balanced or agenda-free (e.g. The Splendid Table) but others carry rather strong slants/agendas (e.g. Skeptics' Guide), which is fine. However, the slants and agendas that are typified in the podcasts that I listen to are ones that I agree with and, as such, they don't push me or make me think as hard as I would like. To that end, I am interested in hunting down some high quality podcasts that I disagree with.

I am putting the call out to you, Internet, what are some good conservative, libertarian, military-industrial, etc. podcasts for me to listen to?


Thanks to you I have successfully listened to every episode of the Savage Lovecast. Often I'd take them to the gym with me on my mp3 player. There's something that just feels a little wrong about listening to Mistress Matisse talking about nun and priest fetishes while I'm on the treadmill watching a bunch of little kids running around playing soccer downstairs. So for that, I thank you.