2010 Journey East: Day 1 addendum: Nope

That I am in the Buckeye Motor Hotel in Buckeye, AZ should answer the question of whether or not I succeeded in sleeping in the 90°F weather present at that rest area.

Overall, $55 ($45+$10/pet) isn't a bad price to pay for a room with air conditioning. Given my current needs, I probably would have paid $55 for a 6.5'x6.5' closet with air conditioning; I'd be griping about it in this post but I probably would have done it. I guess, alternatively, I could have left the engine idling and the air conditioning on in my car; the fuel probably would have lasted the night and on to the nearest gas station but the maintenance costs down the line would not have been worth it.

I've been taking I-10E since LA, which passes straight through Phoenix. Since I'll be driving in the morning, I have no desire to hit traffic, and Buckeye's half-way between I-10 and I-8, I think that I'll divert myself around Phoenix on I-8E so as to meet back up with I-10 south of Phoenix.

Ok, the air conditioning seems to have cooled the room sufficiently that I can get some sleep.

With luck, my next post will be from Riad's place in Austin.