2010 Journey East: Day 1: I suck at remembering stuff

Right now, I sit in my car, typing to you on my work laptop over my phone's Internet, in a rest area where I plan to sleep, approximately 50 miles east of Phoenix, AZ, having driven 703 miles in just shy of 10.5 hours, having used less than two tanks of fuel.

So far, barring two issues, it's been an altogether pleasant trip. Due to tardiness in packing and cleaning, I set out around noon-thirty, which was about three hours later than I had intended but there isn't really any time criticality to my journey, so it's not a big deal. A couple hours into the journey, when I set about getting breakfast, lunch, my first meal of the day, or whatever you want to call it, that I had forgotten to bring Baldr's leash and pinch collar; as a result, Baldr's short walks during the trip have been either off-leash or using a bungee-cord as an improvised leash; I will have to buy a new leash and pinch collar sometime tomorrow; so it goes. We encountered hints of traffic near LA but nothing too bothersome and, otherwise, have had smooth and fast paced travel.

I have been listening to Moby Dick on audiobook and am currently on disc 8 of 18. I must, truly and honestly, say that this work of prose is an amazing thing. Moby Dick is, at times, for that matter, most times, rather slow paced, such that I expect I wouldn't be able to manage this degree of devotion were I not a captive audience with a great deal of monotony on my side. However, seeing as I am a captive audience, I have been greatly enjoying the work for its variety, depth, descriptiveness, philosophy, and sheer gravitas. At this rate, I should have finished this monstrous epic well before I make Austin.

Sometime, approximately two hours ago, I was thinking about whether or not I would change my clothes while on the road when it occurred to me that I had no recollection of loading my suitcase into my car. On further inspection, I can, in fact, confirm that I also forgot to put my suitcase in my car. Man, do I feel like an idiot. Thankfully, my suitcase contains only clothes and toiletries, which are relatively easily replaceable for the purposes of such a journey; though it is supremely bothersome to have to do so unintentionally. My laptop, chargers, and everything else are thankfully in my messenger bag, which leaves me still able to perform the various tasks that I intend to perform and, to be entirely honest, I was thinking, just yesterday, that it was about time for me to buy some new clothes; call it unfortunate providence, I guess.

I wonder what else I will come to discover that I have forgotten.

Anyway, now it's time to see if I can get any sleep in this abominable 90°F Arizona night; hopefully it won't distress Baldr too much either.