2010 Journey East: Day 3: Austin

Although exceedingly warm by my standards, Austin is not an unpleasant place. The primary events of the 3rd day of my journey were lunch with Gautham and Ariel; the acquisition of nearly sufficient wardrobe items as will serve most of my needs for the summer; a rather substantial nap; and dinner with Riad, Gautham, Cyrus, and Riad's lady-friend.

Baldr has been having a good time hanging out with Nico and Shockley, as well as, generally, not being in the car. Baldr mostly sits, stands, lies down, or naps in the car, which, practically speaking, is not altogether dissimilar from what he does during the vast majority of other times.

Also, I finished Moby Dick and it was awesome. Moby Dick is, truly, a leviathan of literature in every possible sense.

Austin is serving as a nice part-way spot to rest and, if it were the weekend, it might be pleasant to stay a little longer. In order to cover distance, rather than wait while people work, Day 4 will, hopefully, see the Louisiana shore and the city of New Orleans.