2010 Journey East: Days 4&5: Atlanta via Louisiana

It's Thursday night--technically Friday--and I'm sitting in JamesMatt's living room, chatting with his roommate. It's pleasant here but perhaps I should back up.

Wednesday (Day 4), around noon, I packed up and left Austin. It was a little later than I had intended but being well rested was a pleasant outcome to achieve. Anyway, setting off from Austin, I set my GPS for Venice, LA and set out. To be wholly honest, driving through Texas really isn't all that interesting, especially eastern Texas. I don't really have any complaints though; I'm really enjoying the road, especially the decent speed limits down here in the South (usually 70mph, sometimes 80mph). I've started listening, at Grace's suggestion, to an audiobook version of the novel Cloud Atlas. Cloud Atlas is incredibly engrossing and, because of the narrative structure, at times rather infuriating; this infuriation later enhancing the satisfaction it provides but I am not yet done so it is perhaps best to wait a bit before further reviewing.

After eventually leaving Texas, I entered Louisiana, which is so very full of swampland as to be quite impressive. I first drove across properly immense swamplands during my 2005 trip to Florida and those swamps had nothing on Louisiana. The amount of water is both beautiful and staggering. Anyway, working my way across Louisiana, I eventually hit New Orleans. I drove through New Orleans and made my way for the tip of the Mississippi delta, the afore-programmed Venice, LA. I made it pretty far out that little strip of land before flooding halted my progress; so it goes.

It's worth mentioning that I'm not really so much making a slow trip across the country to see the sights; that is a thing to do and it might be fun but it is not what I am doing; I am driving from San Francisco to Woods Hole and dilly-dallying just a little bit along the way. As such, I didn't spend much time in New Orleans as Atlanta was my next destination.

Proceeding through Mississippi, getting a bit tired, I started contemplating sleep. Eventually, I attempted to settle down at a rest area in the back of my car, with Baldr, for some sleep. Unfortunately, the rest area's light and Baldr's heat-induced heavy breathing made that a non-viable plan.

Slamming a 5 Hour Power and getting back on the road, I forged on. Finishing off Mississippi and pushing through Alabama, I made it to Georgia in the wee hours of last night--Thursday (Day 5) morning. Pushing on, continuing to listen to Cloud Atlas, I hit Atlanta at about 7am; finding JamesMatt awake, we got some breakfast, chatted a bit, and then he went to work. Not having slept, I of course slept during the day. Matt returned in the early evening; we and his roommates spent a while hanging-out; and now, everyone else having gone to bed, I write this before following.

Tomorrow, we make for Massachusetts, likely pausing (very briefly) in New York along the way.


I think perhaps you mean either 5 Hour Energy or 6 Hour Power.

I suspect perhaps you are correct.